Who We Are and What we Do



The Duba Systems, Ltd. combines technical knowledge "up to date" with consolidated experience in engineering and plant maintenance in industries: pulp and paper; chemistry; to food; automobile; construction; steel, cement and shipbuilding as can be seen in our customer list.



The mission of Duba Systems, Lda. is to deliver our customers a service provided by qualified professionals in the execution of engineering works, maintenance, storage and assembly. It aims to achieve the objectives of maximum satisfaction of our customers, in compliance with all regulatory requirements, technical nature, existing safety and environmental.



The vision of Duba Systems, Lda. is present as a company recognized by the market as an example of competence, ethics and excellence in professional performance. Recognized as a reliable partner both for its customers and its suppliers. Position itself as a benchmark in excellence in execution of engineering services, maintenance, storage and assembly, operating nationwide and reconciled goals with their customers and employees.

CustomersCustomers [165 Kb]

Steel and Piping structures

  • Design, construction and assembly of mechanical-bolted or welded structures.


  • Design, construction and assembly lines of pipes in both

carbon steel and stainless steel.

Mechanics, Hydraulics and Pneumatics

Design, review and assembly  hydraulic and pneumatic systems.

 Repair and reconditioning of hydraulic, pneumatic and mechanical drive equipment at our

 facilities and at customer plants:

  • RPM reducers;
  • Engines;
  • Cylinders;
  • Valves;
  • Actuators;

Inst:rumentation and Electricity



  • Calibration services of instrumentation measurement and control inserted in quality, environment or security plans.
  • We have calibration instruments with communication technology protocols for Profibus PA, Fildbus, Hart, etc.
  • Technical assistance to transmitters, control valves and electro-pneumatic equipment.
  • Maintenance plan management and monitoring of control valves.




  • Preventive and corrective maintenance of electrical installations.
  • Installation of electrical systems.
  • Replacement of electric motors at the customer plant.
  • Execution of condition monitoring plans of equipment and electrical installations.

Reconditioning of electric motors



  • Rewinding of electric motors


  •  Replacement of bearings


  • Repair of bearing housings